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Having worked in many areas of physiotherapy, we know that it’s not just the injury that can knock a person out of their stride. The sort of person that comes to Rehab:Inc wants to be better, knows that rehabilitation is not an easy road, understands their body and wants to function in a pain-free and symptom-free environment.
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You and your goals

We want to know how your pain occurred and help to resolve it. The main focus is on your goals, and how you can not only maintain your levels of fitness but improve them. Goals are important, as these are indicators that you are on the right path. They need tweaking now and again to allow for adaptation of the muscles and to continuously improve your strength and fitness. We don’t want your pain to come back, so we offer tailored rehabilitation programs including advice, education and exercises to improve you and your game.
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It’s not that simple

We do things differently to the majority of physiotherapy clinics. We believe that it’s just not that simple. Your problem didn’t simply appear, so it cannot simply go away unless we understand how it happened, when it happened and how to prevent it happening again.
Full rehabilitation cannot be completed in 30 minutes. We offer a comprehensive initial assessment, where we learn about your history and get to know you and your level of activity. We’ll then provide you with advice, tips and ideas that you can implement immediately to get back to a better version of yourself.

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More about Rehab:Inc.

We are Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists who have worked clinically in the NHS and in private practice for a number of years. We are conscious of you and your time, and understand that there are many facets to your life which make you unique.

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Dry Needling

IMS or intramuscular stimulation has its roots in traditional Chinese acupuncture. It is performed by a qualified physiotherapist who has an understanding of pain and how it affects muscle performance.

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